Services & Solutions

Every business is different. PowerON offers solutions for businesses of all sizes. It doesn’t matter if it’s brick and mortar or online we’ll help guide your business to the right solutions for your needs. If or when those needs change, you will need a company comfortable operating in an agile environment while delivering dependable, trusted, supported, and scalable solutions. We provide powerful turnkey services as well as customized built to order solutions. Don’t see exactly what you need listed in our services? Please, contact us with your specific needs. We would like the opportunity to hear how PowerON can help.

Take Back

PowerON specializes in the return of product for some of the biggest companies in the world. Take back, trade-in, returns, and recalls all function pretty much the same way. We manage this process more effectively than anyone in the business.

PowerON provides our Fortune 500 customers with an easily branded “white label” trade-in solution for their consumer direct accounts, educational accounts, small business accounts and enterprise accounts. PowerON’s team has the experience and professionalism to work directly with our client’s customers to complete a Trade-in transaction or we can provide a completely automated back-end quote process that includes training and process support, which allows our clients to run their own “in house” branded trade-in program. PowerON will custom tailor programs to meet our client’s sales process flow and match any branded look and feel requirements requested.

In today’s business environment, it is important to develop relationship-marketing programs that emphasize customer retention and continual brand satisfaction as part of the overall business plan. Many of the services provided by PowerON Services Inc. are relationship-marketing tools utilized by our Fortune 500 clients to increase retention of existing customers.

Highlighted Services:

  • Fully customizable to your organization’s needs
  • Designed to increase brand loyalty
  • Includes integrated pricing agent
  • Easy to use customer support systems
  • Real time visibility
  • Automated email alert system
  • Freight insurance

Enterprise Asset Management


PowerON offers complete Turn-Key Provisioning Solutions for the Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet and other programable consumer electronic devices as part of our fully managed business workflow sequence OAM&P (Operations, Administration, Maintenance & Provisioning). Provisioning is the process of preparing and equipping a product to provide (new) services for its users.

Our advanced capabilities, complete scalability and experienced development team ensure that the client receives their product on time, every time. To achieve the goal PowerON can customize our automated deployment solution to fit most any product type, specification or customer requirement while providing for the highest accuracy at the lowest possible price point in the industry.

Data Sanitization

It is the goal of PowerON to destroy data from e-scrap as soon as possible. There are generally three methods for destroying data that will be employed at PowerON. These methods include: Electronic data sanitization, Reset devices to original factory settings with installed firmware/software, or Physical destruction.

Electronic Data Sanitization – Hard Drives

The electronic data sanitization is conducted by PowerON in the device audit areas utilizing enterprise software applications running on a dedicated server. The standard level of data sanitization offered by PowerON includes a single pass zero overwrite for magnetic hard drives, removal of any host protected areas (HPA) and device configuration overlay (DCO), a verification of data sanitation, and a "fingerprint" file written to the device at the end of the process. Solid state and hybrid drives will go through a multi-process sanitation procedure. This includes performing the ATA command of “Secure Erase”, removal of any host protected areas (HPA) and device configuration overlay (DCO), performing the ATA command of “TRIM”, a single pass zero overwrite, a verification of data sanitation, and a "fingerprint" file written to the device at the end of the process. Customer requirements may dictate additional levels of security, and will be noted on the work order providing instructions from the sales department to the processing technicians. The wiping station records pertinent data related to the wiped drives in a database. This data is exported and/or backed up to the facility’s servers, and is maintained as a record of the data eradication.

Factory Reset

The other data containing devices including; mp3 players, PDAs, networking equipment, cellular telephones, and gaming consoles that do not contain hard drives will be data sanitized by the manufacturers instructions for a wipe and or reset to factory default settings. VOIP telephones and non-enterprise class networking peripherals are not considered to contain data requiring data security measures. No data eradication efforts will be documented for these items. After wiping, the technicians will verify no data files remain in the accessible memory to verify data removed. The information relating to the equipment such as type, model, serial number as well as the procedure used to remove the data, date of data eradication, and operator who eradicated the data shall be recorded in the facility operating records. No specific format is required for the data collection, as the equipment can change the requirements from day to day.

Physical Destruction

Physical Destruction of data containing devices may occur with the facilities hard drive shredder or at a subcontracted facility. Some data such as CD/DVD ROM optical disks are required to be shredded to 0.22 millimeter in the largest dimension. Data devices typically have circuit boards. Some circuit boards and other FMs may be removed prior to shredding. If customer or data security requirements indicate an item with a circuit board and other FMs removed by shredded, segregate the shredder fluff from those items as FM containing materials. Items that are unable to be data sanitized by other methods will be disassembled to remove FMs where possible and/or data containing devices. The data devices will be shred in a manner to prevent recreation of the data they once contained. In some cases cellular telephones may be collected and shed with only the battery removed.

Compliance Standards:

  • NIST Pub 800-88 (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
  • HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  • PII Removal
 (Personal Identifiable Information)
  • NIST Special Publication 800-122
  • Third Party Certified
 (Data Destruction Audit)

Value Asset Recovery

Our team specializes in designing and managing value recovery and IC reclamation processes designed to extract additional revenues from BER, OQ, returned and obsolete consumer electronics and computing products: Memory Modules, Computers, Laptops, Servers, Mobile, Tablets, CATV, Satellite STB, DVRs, etc.

PowerON Services leads the reuse industry with innovative Value Asset Recovery solutions. For over 20 years we have built creative processes to recover untapped value from products once considered electronic scrap (eWaste). We are pioneers of strategic sourcing and eco-efficiency; some of the largest companies in the world trust PowerON to turn their challenges in to advantages while improving their bottom line.

Proven Strategies for:

  • Demanufacturing
  • Tests & Diagnostics
  • Reconfiguration
  • Parts Reclamation
  • Data Sanitization

Global Resale Marketing

For nearly two decades, global manufacturers have turned to PowerON to manage their Excess, OQ, RMA, and OEM Returns inventories. Regardless of the product types, quantities or any client requirements or sales restrictions, our team can match our clients products with qualified buyers every time.

Using our extensive global network of OEMs / ODMs for Resale and Remarketing, our team is able to maximize the resale value while actively protecting the client’s brand and primary sales marketing channels.

Leverage Our Resources:

  • Global Secondary Sales Channels
  • Comprehensive Distribution Network
  • Customized Asset Tracking, Analytics, and Reporting
  • Integrated Full-Service Logistics
  • Multi-Lingual Call Center

EOL Management

Preventing the harmful disposal of electronic waste through responsible recycling has been a primary focus since PowerON first entered the electronics recovery and reuse industry. We are a sustainable organization that uses best practices in electronic asset disposal with full regulatory and financial reporting for all our optimized End of Life Solutions.

The flexibility of PowerON's process workflow system allows clients to utilize a recycler of choice or choose from a strong global infrastructure of recycling partners we have developed who's processes not only meet, but exceed current regional regulatory requirements.

End of Life Solutions

  • Complete End of Life Management
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • R2-2013
  • OSHAS 180001
  • EPA - Waste Wise Partner
  • WRAP Award Winner
  • Certificate of Destruction