IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Secure, Effective, and Environmentally-Friendly IT Asset Disposition.

What is IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)?

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is a common industry term used to describe the process of redeploying, repurposing, reselling, or responsibly recycling decommissioned IT equipment.

Most, if not all, organizations have an established ITAD process. This process might be overseen by an internal team(s) or a preferred vendor specializing in ITAD services. IT asset management, risk assessment, or procurement teams are typically responsible for management of ITAD. Their guidance will outline the requirements for data security, determine the replacement cycle for IT equipment, maximize residual value of retired IT assets, identify end-of-life IT assets, ensure compliance with corporate sustainability initiatives.

Important details that will determine your organization's ideal ITAD strategy may include but will not be limited to the data destruction method, number of employees, office locations, staff capabilities, available packaging materials, available storage space, parts for repair pool, inventory for spare pool, type of equipment, site security, or environmental compliance.

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IT Asset Disposition

PowerON will protect your company data while maximizing the value of your company's IT assets.

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ITAD by PowerON

There are so many IT Asset Disposition companies out there. How do you find the right partner for your company?

We recommend you start by checking for certifications such as ISO (9001, 14001, 45001, etc.) and R2. The most important factor to consider is data security and protecting your company from a data breach. Your ITAD vendor should be able to share the data erasure methods, chain of custody, security at processing facility, and Certificate of Destruction (COD).

IT Asset Disposition services through PowerON offer the following advantages to our customers.

Data Destruction

PowerON is in full compliance with all industry leading standards including: NIST Pub 800-88, HIPAA, PII Removal (NIST Special Publication 800-122) and R2 international standard.

Certified Facility

PowerON is committed to maintaining the highest standards within each facility we operate. Our facility is ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 45001:2018 certified, and R2:2013 certified.

Value Recovery

We provide a quote with the estimated value of your IT assets. All quotes are valid for thirty (30) days. Assets must be in "working" condition to receive full value.

End-to-End Logistics

Customers and partners incur no packaging and shipping expenses when using our ITAD services. We will provide packaging and pay to have your device(s) shipped to our facility.

Detailed Reporting

After your assets have been processed you'll receive detailed audit and data destruction reports. Each report will include the model, serial number, and any other relevant information.

Compliance Recycling

We partner with R2 certified downstream vendors to responsibly recycle your IT assets. Our goal is Zero Waste to Landfill and we audit our downstream partners to monitor compliance.

ITAD Process

PowerON has streamlined the IT Asset Disposition process for organizations of all size. Give precious time back to the employees tasked with managing decommissioned IT assets by utilizing our ITAD service. The flexible solution handles single device return from remote workers as well as hundreds of devices from an office location.

Value Estimate

Simply provide a list of IT assets and we'll email a quote document. Our customer service team is available to answer any questions. Digitally accept the quote using eSign.

Ship it Free

Our team will contact you to coordinate appropriate logistics based on your needs. Packaging materials are available upon request. We use trusted carriers and also offer "white glove" service.

Data Erasure & Audit

After arrival at our facility, IT assets will be data wiped and audited to verify model, serial number, and condition. During this process all asset tags are removed from the equipment.

Payment & Reports

A check will be mailed as payment within 30 days of receiving IT assets at our facility. The final audit details and data destruction reports for all assets received will be sent by email.

ITAD Benefits

Our ITAD experts will help your organization benefit from the depth of IT asset disposition experience we have amassed since our founding 1994. Our partners include prominent retailers, resellers, distributors, manufacturers, educational institutions, and nonprofits.

  • Reinvest recovered value into new equipment purchases
  • Reduce IT asset logistics costs
  • Ensure data destruction during disposal
  • Multi-channel remarketing network
  • Transparent accounting and payment process
  • 24/7 real-time reporting web portal

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