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Take Back & Trade-In Solutions

Turnkey and Customizable

PowerON specializes in the return of product through our trade-in solutions and off-lease solutions.

Take back, trade-in, returns, and recalls all function pretty much the same way. We manage this process more effectively than anyone in the business.

PowerON provides our Fortune 500 customers with an easily branded turnkey “white label” trade-in solution for their consumer direct accounts, educational accounts, small business accounts and enterprise accounts. PowerON’s team has the experience and professionalism to work directly with our client’s customers to complete a Trade-in transaction or we can provide a completely automated back-end quote process that includes training and process support, which allows our clients to run their own “in house” branded trade-in program. PowerON will custom tailor trade-in solutions to meet our client’s sales process flow and match any branded look and feel requirements requested.

In today’s business environment, it is important to develop relationship-marketing programs that emphasize customer retention and continual brand satisfaction as part of the overall business plan. Many of the services provided by PowerON Services Inc. are relationship-marketing tools utilized by our Fortune 500 clients to increase retention of existing customers.

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Download our Trade-In & Take Back overview document, and discover the various trade-in solution options we can provide your company.

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Trade-In Solutions Overview

PowerON offers easy to implement and manage electronic trade-in programs for educationial, retail, enterprise, manufacturer, business to consumer, and business to business.

Easy Online Trade-In Portal

We provide a snippet of code containing an iframe. Place the trade-in portal on any page of your company's website. Users will have a quoted value for their device after completing a few simple steps.

Guaranteed Value

We provide an instant quote value based on our Working / Non-Working pricing model. Each device will be audited at our facility by trained technicians to assess and confirm the condition.

Extended Quote Terms

All quotes accepted within thirty (30) days have guarantted pricing for six (6) months. We work with our partners, on a case by case basis, to offer quote terms extending past six (6) months.

Packaging Materials & Shipping Included

Customers and partners incur no packaging and shipping expenses when using our trade-in programs. We will provide packaging and pay to have your device(s) shipped to our facility.

Opt Out at Anytime

Any user participating in one our trade-in programs is under no obligation to accept our offered value of their audited device(s). We will happily return the device(s) at no cost to the user.

Multiple Payment Options

Delivery of payment is made easy through our trade-in programs. Based on the program we offer payment by check, gift card, credit on account, and instore instant rebate.

How It Works

Whether it's a single device from a consumer or thousands of devices from a manufacturer, all of our trade-in solutions use the same basic workflow. This uniform approach provides our process the necessary flexibility to accommodate the multiple options we can offer our trade-in partners.

Get a Quote

Quotes are easily created by answering a few short questions using our online tool. Mail notifications and trade-in account link provide real-time status updates for each trade-in interaction.

Consumer Trade-In Step 1
  • 24/7 Quote Access
  • Quote is Valid for 30 Days
  • No Hidden Fees

Ship it Free

PowerON provides free shipping and packaging materials. Shipping instructions are sent via email. We use trusted carriers and track each shipment to protect the device while in transit.

Consumer Trade-In Step 2
  • Shipping Materials INCLUDED
  • Shipping Label INCLUDED
  • Custom Packaging

Get Paid

Upon arrival each device undergoes data destruction. Then trained technicians audit the device to confirm its condition. Expect to receive payment within 7-10 days of shipping your device.

Consumer Trade-In Step 3
  • Prompt Payment Issued
  • Multiple Payment Options Available
  • Customer Support Call Center

Turnkey Solutions

PowerON’s turnkey Trade-In Solution provides three solutions ideal for retailers, resellers, distributors, manufacturers, educational institutions, and nonprofits.

Consumer Trade-InQuote creation through embedded iframe

  • An online mail back trade-in solution, customized to your branding guidelines.

In-Store Trade-InQuote creation through online portal

  • Easily create and complete trade-ins for walk-in customers.

Business Trade-InQuote creation through sales dashboard

  • An online web tool used to facilitate large quantity trade-ins.