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Remote Refresh Management

Manage the Return of Remote IT Assets

Remote Refresh Management Program

The Remote Refresh Management Program gives your organization's IT Manager a simple way to return technology from remote users directly to PowerON. IT departments are being spread thin due to an increase of remote users. This program was created to address the changing needs of a large organization with thousands of employees working remotely.


The IT team does NOT have the bandwidth to manage the return shipping, receiving, data wipe, storage, and value recovery of all the equipment. As employees are allowed to return to their offices, our partner’s IT team will be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of equipment.

The influx of equipment effects the following:

  • Management of return logistics (IT staff must communicate with all employees)
  • Timely receiving of equipment (limited by IT staff size)
  • Equipment verification (collection of employee name, serial number, asset ID, etc.)
  • Prompt erasure to protect company data
  • Quick resale to maximize recovery value of idle equipment


An online portal allowing the employee to send any corporate asset to PowerON.

We provide the following:

  • End-to-end logistics
  • Rapid receiving of equipment
  • Verify equipment and record data (employee name, serial number, asset ID, etc.)
  • Secure data erasure (Certificate of Destruction)
  • PowerON purchases the equipment
Download Remote Refresh Management Overview

Download our Remote Refresh Management overview document to learn more about the program.

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Remote Refresh Management

Remote Refresh Management

It's easy! IT managers will direct remote users to the PowerON managed online "Remote Refresh" portal.

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